Edublogs Extreme Makeover

At the end of May, Edublogs 3.0 was rolled out with a new dashboard and several upgrades. You can now customize your dashboard’s colors and select its widgets. The menus have changed, with easy access to all your blogs provided across the top of your dashboard. The visual editor has a new look, including a “kitchen sink” button. The uploading process is improved and the ability to embed code in a post simplified. A new feature allows you to easily create student blogs and accounts. I appreciate the new option to convert any categories to tags. The sidebar widget management has also improved.

I’ve published a new Blogging with Edublogs handout. You will also find a new set of screencast tutorials on the Fusion: Blogging webpage. I would also recommend reading The Edublogger by Sue Waters. It is a great blog to learn more about using Eublogs and blogging in the classroom.