Edublogs’ Missing Buttons

You may have noticed that your Edublogs’ Visual Editor is missing the Embed Flash and the Media buttons. mediabuttons.jpg These buttons are no longer need. Which is good news. The sky’s the limit on what we can now embed. The embedding process is now even easier, but with a quark.

Sue Waters, The Edublogger, provides step-by-step directions for embedding flash or media in an Edublogs’ post. An important tip she shared recommends pasting the embed code as the last step before publishing. Clicking Save and Continue Editing button may break the code and cause your embed not to display. Embed then publish, embed then publish, embed then publish. Got it?

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One thought on “Edublogs’ Missing Buttons

  1. Hi Janetta – thanks for linking to the Edublogger and hopefully this tip helps people. It definitely is one of those things – some embeds are fine and doesn’t matter while others break easily.

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